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     His entire body was on fire.

     He had only stretched a little before his body seemed to burst into flames. From the top of his head all the way to his toes he burned, which was strange because the last thing he remembered was cold.

     His eyes slid open and he stared blankly up. The blurry shapes took a moment to focus. He was in the hospital wing of the candy castle like that time when he broke both his legs. He really hoped that he hadn't been asleep for six months this time.

     He tried to ease into a sitting position, groaning. This hurt way more than breaking his legs. He panted slightly, sweat glinting on his forehead. What on earth had he done to get this way?

     "Finn! You're up!" he spun toward the shout. Jake and Princess Bubblegum just came through the doors, Dr. Icecream right behind them.

     "Don't yell," she chastised before rushing over to Finn. She checked a bunch of machines next to him that kept beeping; they were really annoying.

     "Ok I think you're almost all better, you just need to rest a little more," she pat his foot causing pain to lance up his leg, "It's the only way you'll get better."


     "MY WA-!" Finn was interupted by a bonk to his head courtesy of the Princess.

     "No, not your way this time. You're going to sit here and get better if it's the last thing I do. Do you have any idea how worried we were?" She exclaimed.

     "Not really, I don't remember much," there was cold but that was about all he could recall.

     "Dude, you fell asleep in a snow hole and froze!" Jake's eyebrows pulled together, "I'm sorry I took so long. Got a little side tracked." He grinned nervously, holding up the missing shoe.

     "Schmowzow! You found it!" Finn snatched the shoe and slipped it onto his aching foot. He would never underestimate the importance of shoes again.

     "Yeah, I found it on the way to get Flambo," Jake explained.

     "What happened after that?" Finn questioned, rubbing his once again shoed foot against his cheek.

     "Well I found Flambo and we got stuck 'cause it's kind of hard to move him. I couldn't touch him and he melted like a foot into the ice everytime he left his rock mountain. So I got a bunch of ice on my back and he jumped on and I ran until it melted. We did that a bunch of times until we got back," Jake patted the crispy hairs on his back, "I almost got burned a lot, but we did it!"

     "Thanks bro," Finn knuckle bumped him, "I guess it's a good thing we went out there. I got my shoe back."

     "Ah Finn," Jake scratched his head nervously, "I kinda found something else out there."

     "Did you get the sweater out?!" Finn yelled, searching the room for any sign of it. He could give it to PB and then they would throw the party and-

     "Naw, we didn't get the sweater," Jake waved down Finn's outraged flailing, "It wasn't even a sweater."

     "Well then what was it?" Finn huffed, arms crossed tight over his chest. He ignored the pain that was lessening with every minute.

     "This is where it gets complicated," Jake cautioned, "It was a um, a-ahhh..."

     "Finn don't go crazy," Princess Bubblegum interrupted, "but it is a she."


     "Who was it?! Is she ok? What kind of princess is she?" The poor princess probably got frozen in the last storm and was stuck there all alone! He would have to go looking to make sure nobody else got frozen. How could he have let this happen?!

     "Finn, Finn! She's fine, at least I think she is..." PB trailed off.

     "Dude, she's not a princess," Jake cut in.

     "What?" Finn shook his head, "Then what is she? Ice King only kidnaps princesses! Nobody else goes into the ice kingdom, it's just too cold up there." He was about to jump up and race out to the ice kingdom, but the expression on everyone's faces made him freeze.

     "She's human," Princess Bubblegum murmmered.


     It seemed to echo in his head over and over.


     His body shut down, mind numb, repeating it over and over.


     The world tilted and spun.


     Everything went black.


     His universe breaking, smooshed, undone.


     His entire life wrong.


     He wasn't alone.


     He wasn't alone.


     He wasn't the last



     Deja vu.

     Finn slowly woke for the second time in the hospital wing. This time his head hurt.

     A lot.

     His pounding headache made it hard to remember what happened. Dr. Ice cream was there and Jake and Princess Bubblegum, but there was something else. Something important.

     He rolled over toward the window, hoping to see how long he was out from the sun. It was night time so that meant he was asleep all day. He sat up and stretched, all soreness gone. Maybe rest was the right way. This time.

     Finn jumped out of bed, slipped his TWO shoes on, and bounced to the door. Just as he was about to open it, he caught sight of something pink on the edge of his vision. Curious, he moved closer to investigate.

     On one of the other beds, a lady rested. She had soft pink hair that felt like silk between Finn's fingers. It reminded him of his own. Her eyes were closed, she seemed peaceful.


     She was a human too. He couldn't believe it, but she didn't have antlers, or giant muscles, or a weird face. No lumps, no animal ears, no branches. Just human, just like him.

     He wasn't alone anymore. Tears came to his eyes, but he held them back because guys don't cry. He sniffed a little. Jake was his family, but this was something different, something deeper. He wasn't alone.
Oh Finn you poor thing...

Chapter 10: [link]
yapook2 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks guys :3 I've got a few more chapters done, but wasn't sure if I should post them yet. I guess I'll do now then.
hiawolf Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
......n-next one???>.....<.....w-...wheres the next one?

These were so beautiful!
iSmileyfacefan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Oh my Glob! This is probably THE best AT fanfic I have ever read! I am totally in love with it! Please write more, I will beg and plead if I have too!
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