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     He leaned back against the couch, pulling her with him. Lights strung up around the large tree in their living room cast the room in a gentle glow. It was snowing outside, but the freezing temperatures did not touch them. They gave each other more than enough warmth.

     He sighed completely content, mind numbingly happy. Everything was perfect. She nestled deeper into his arms and wrapped her own around his chest. He could not describe how being with her made him feel. The feel of her resting against him was the most important thing in the world.

     He buried his face in her hair, the smell of strawberries enveloping him. She nuzzled into his neck, sending butterflies loose in his belly. He smiled, thinking of forever. Soon they would pledge themselves to that. He spared a glance toward the bottom dresser drawer and the little sparkle he knew was there. His attention was tugged back to her as she kissed his cheek and whispered the words he would never tire of hearing.

     "I love you"

     Tears slid down his long nose and onto the snow. They shattered on impact, having frozen on the way down. Sobs held back for so long racked his body.

     He missed her so much. Such little memories that would awaken at the simplest of things burned his throat from holding back the tears.

     He could not survive without her, they were meant to be together forever. They had promised each other that so long ago.
This is kind of a flashback chapter more than anything.

Chapter seven [link]
Chapter nine [link]
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