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     They searched the room over and over for the Ice King before deciding that if he was well enough to mess it up this bad then he was fine. Finn was still a little worried, but the other two managed to distract him with something just as important.

     "Dude, where's your shoe?" Jake asked him. Then everyone was looking at his shoe... er sock.

     "I lost it when we went to see the Ice King remember?" Finn shivered slightly, the sun might be out, but the lingering cold was not being nice to his foot. It was a little numb from being uncovered all night.

     "Well we should go get it, your foot isn't looking too good," Jake said concerned.

     "If we go then we get to check on the Ice King," Finn hedged. He needed to see if he was alright. If the Ice King was in danger then he was honor bound to help, no matter what.

     "Fine, let's go, your foot is turning purple," Jake tugged him into place on his back. Princess Bubblegum gave them both stethascopes so they could wrestle the Ice king down and check his vitals once they got there.

     They left quickly and were soon plowing through massive snow piles. The going was tough, the storm of the night before had deposited enough snow to cover all of ooo. The returning hot weather combined with the snow made a brown slushy mess that was not fun to go through.

     By the time they actually got to the ice kingdom both were soaked through with the sludge. Given that it was the ice kingdom, it was much colder than the rest of ooo so the wet sludge refroze on them. The booties and sweater were no help, and Finn was really starting to miss his shoe. They were forced to stop at the fire demon's mountain top to defrost before moving on.

     "Aaah my foot hurts!" Finn whined, rubbing the purple apendage. The blood starting to circulate again burned like fire.

     "Is yous guys alright?" the Flambo questioned. The two usually weren't in this bad of condition when they got there. It was just a tad troubling.

     "Naw man, we're covered in icicles because we like it," Jake muttered sarcastically.

     "Hey, don't take your mood out on me!" Flambo held his hands up, "Why are you even up here? Ice King don't got any princesses."

     "He's been acting weird and spazzed out when we saw him. We're gonna make sure he's ok," Finn answered, hissing from the pain in his foot.

     "Well good luck with that, he's been crazier than usual lately," Flambo pointed to the ice castle, "He's been dragging all kinds of ice up there."

     "Come on dude, we better get going," Jake turned to Finn who groaned, "The faster we get your boot, the faster your foot will stop hurting." He lifted him onto his back again and set off deeper into the ice kingdom.

     About an hour later they made it to the general area where they had lost the shoe. Finn jumped off and rooted around in the snow until he found the pink spot. Unfortunately he did not find his shoe.

     Frustrated and cold, they both collapsed in the snow.

     "What do we do know?" Finn asked, rolling toward Jake.

     "I dunno, we can check on the Ice King," Jake offered.

     "I just want my shoe," Finn rolled back and buried his face in the snow, "Maybe I can get choose goose to make me another one."

     "Choose goose has everything," Jake assured him, "We can get you a new shoe."

     "Well, right now we can try to get the sweater out of the ice," Finn pulled his sword out and swung down. It chipped the ice a little, but did almost no damage.

     "Let me try," Jake grew bigger and sat on the spot, "I'll warm it up with my butt." He giggle a little.

     Drop the ball.

     "No dude. Just no," Finn shuddered at the memory of the dreaded game. There was no way he would subject anything of PB's to something so horrible.

     "Then what?" Jake asked, "This'll work, you know it will." He settled down on top of the spot. Finn turned away, he couldn't watch this. There had to be a better way. Besides his foot was hurting again. They would have to stop at Flambo's mountain to warm up again before going to the Ice King. He could already feel the warmth.


     Flambo! Flambo could melt the ice for them!

     "Jake! Jake! Stop! We have to bring Flambo down here!" Finn yelled, estatic. He wouldn't have to relive that horrible embarrasing day.

     "What are you talking about man?" Jake didn't move, "It's starting to melt. I can feel it."

     "If we get Flambo, it'll melt faster! Come on!" Finn tried to push Jake of the ice. He just slipped on the slick surface and fell on his face.

     "I'll go get him, you stay here," Jake stretched up and over a nearby mountain. The ground trembled slightly from his footsteps. Finn resumed hacking at the ice, no way he would let everybody else do all the work. How else could he tell PB that he had heroically rescued her sweater?

     "Come on," he muttered. His sword barely nicked the ice, the hole he was carving was so small he could barely stick his fist in it. The sweater was almost a whole foot below, at this pace it would take him all day to reach it.

     He kept hacking and hacking and hacking and his arms were starting to really hurt from the constant swinging motion. His foot was once again purple and he could not wait for Flambo and Jake to come back so he could warm it up.

     It started snowing again.

     The little flakes were piling up in his hole and he had to keep brushing it away before any more progress could be made. The temperature had dropped even more, he could really feel the cold now. The sun was nearing the horizon and the stars were coming out. The sky turned a vibrant red and pink, contrasting the deep blue of the ice. He shivered and hacked, waiting for Jake to return.

     What could be taking him so long? Maybe Flambo had refused to come. If that was the case then Jake should have made it back by now, right? He didn't know, he was just cold.

     The hole kept filling with snow. Before it was annoying, but now it was really making the whole process harder. For every bit of ice he got out twice as much snow would fall in. His hands were numb from gripping his sword. His whole body was numb from staying in his crouching position for so long.

     His sword was pretty heavy. Why didn't he notice that before? He let it drop and continued digging with his hands. The snow on his bare hands didn't hurt nearly as much as he thought it would. They didn't even really feel cold anymore, in fact he didn't really feel anything anymore.

     He wasn't sure if he was making progress, but didn't stop just in case. The snow piled up around him until he wasn't sure if he was above or under it. He shook his head, trying to clear it. Jake would be back soon and they would be able to leave.

     His eyelids drooped, he was so tired. His arms were numb and achy from all the digging, at this point he just wanted to lay down. He fell on his side, giving in to his exhaustion.

     Finn turned his head, staring down his hole. The pink thing was really close now. He lifted a hand and jerked it into the hole, letting it flop to the bottom. There was something weird... it didn't feel like snow. The soft strands gliding through his fingers most certainly did not feel like ice.
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