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     The Ice King woke up disorientated. Already in overdrive, he ripped the blankets off himself and kicked himself free of the rest of the bedding. He was not in his ice bed. No, no he most definately was not.

     Everything was pink. Pink was... good, right? No no nonononononono! Pink was bad, no not bad, not there, there was no pink! Why was there pink?! There was not supposed to be pink! There could be no pink! He threw the chocolate packs at the walls to make it go away. It always went away why shouldn't it now?


     Leave. Yes he should leave, he shouldn't be in this not supposed to be pink room. He needs to get out NOW! He stumbled to the wall and pushed. Nothing happened. He pushed harder. Nothing happened.


     No, he wasn't weak! Was he? No, he was the Ice King, he couldn't be weak. He wasn't weak! Then why couldn't he break the stupid wall. He hit the wall this time. HE WAS NOT WEAK!


     NO! Nonononononononononooooooooo! He did not want to be alone! Why did everybody think he wanted to be alone! He didn't. He didn't! He just wanted out of this ROOM! He hit the wall again.

     'Get out now.'

     He wanted out. He just wanted out. Please let him out! He slammed into the wall, breathing hard. Flakes of pink showered down from the ceiling as the room shook. Pink. Pink. Pink was touching him. He screamed. Pink did not touch him. It could not touch him. He wanted it, wanted her. He missed her so much.

     'You were meant to be alone.'

     Why did every one think that! He was NOT! He just needed her, needed her to come back because he loved her and she loved him and it wasn't his fault! It was the crown's fault not his, he didn't want this, wasn't meant for this!

     Sobbing. Crying. Screaming because it hurt so bad. Because everything hurt so bad. His arms cut and bleeding. Glass in his hair. Light glinting in his eyes. It hurt, it all hurt. The cold wind high, high up whiped his skin. Burning hurt. Always hurt. Didn't always hurt. She didn't hurt. Not her hurt. Anything not her hurt. He had to find her. Had to stop the hurt.
A glimpse into the Ice King's mind.

Chapter five [link]
Chapter seven [link]
Malice-the-queen Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
An I seriously the only one who reads this?
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Nope :)
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