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   His frustration and rage had reached a peak.

   The frantic energy, panic, and anxiety had gathered into a crescendo. He was beyond everything now.

   The crown whispers? They were of no concern. Sure, he would certainly pay for his disobedience later, but now they were shoved under the tidal wave of sheer emotion he felt. His will was strong now, defiance surging his veins.

   He did not know exactly what he was doing or what he was looking for, but he did know that he had to find it and find it fast. The longing was eating away at his heart.

   He turned his feelings around, much more clearheaded than before. He pushed and pushed hard against his restraints as he had in his first moments of wearing the crown. He could remember the consequences of doing so before, but now he only had the world to gain.

   Betty.The word sang in his head, thrilled his body to move, to search until he found her. He could see her laughing, crying, sleeping, running, dancing. The picture kept hidden under the demon eye that swung around his neck was pulled out as often as Gunter.

   His love.

   His princess.

   He would find her and prove that he was stronger than the crown. He was going to make sure that Betty could see how much he loved her. Oh how good it felt to say her name again! Betty!

   He wanted to scream, he felt so much. It didn't really matter what he felt as long as what he felt was his not the crown's and he was about to burst from happiness at being more free than he had since he had put the accursed thing on his head as a joke.

   He knew what to do now. He was sure he could push away the crown to show Betty that he still loved her and would never stop! Surely she would see past what the crown had made him do ages ago. If only he could just find her! Then he would tell her everything and explain what happened so she would see that he didn't want her to leave, never wanted that! His violent outbursts had been for the crown not her! His screams to leave him alone were for the voices that pestered him constantly.

   Now the crown was tossed aside. Embedded into the wall of his castle where he had hurled it in a fit of rage upon returning from the candy kingdom. Never again would he succumb to the evil of it. He was his own man now! His will was his own and would not be turned by an inanimate object that should have been burned in the bottom of a volcano!

   It had come slowly, but the return of himself had finally come. He was almost all there; the only thing missing was the lingering feeling that his body was wrong and his name. He was sure he would remember it soon. He just had to find Betty.
I know this is short, but the Ice King chapters usually are.

Chapter 11: [link]
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